One night, after dinner, Emperor Akbar went out for a walk. While strolling in the royal garden, his mind was totally occupied by many thoughts about various things to do and issues to resolve. Suddenly another thought flashed in his mind. “Seems human mind is always occupied with endless thoughts.”
    Does everyone experience the same? Is there anyone in this world who is relaxed in his life and not bothered by day-to-day issues? If such people exist at all, then who are they?” thought the Emperor. Unable to come to a conclusion, the emperor could not sleep that night.
     Immediately the following day, he expressed his doubt before the courtiers and said, “Everyone on this Earth seems to be bothered by some thing or the other constantly. But I want to know if there is anyone who leads a carefree life in the true sense, unaffected by the world’s agonies and if they exist, then who are they?”
     Everyone fell in to a deep thought hearing the emperor’s question and but none could answer him. After a while, Birbal rose from his seat and said, “Your Majesty! The answer to your question is not an easy one. Even the creator of this Universe Lord Brahma, himself is not an exception. Then how can we humans lead an uncomplicated, happy life? But according to me, such people exist.”
     On hearing Birbal, Emperor Akbar bent forward with curiosity to know who such people were and signaled him to continue. Birbal then bowed to him and said, “My Lord! According to me, only people who lead a really happy life, unaware and least bothered about their surroundings are little children below the age of three. Unaffected by their surroundings, they enjoy every minute of their life.”
     Emperor Akbar was very thrilled to hear Birbal’s reply. Even the courtiers accepted Birbal’s argument and praised him for his wisdom. Emperor Akbar not only appreciated him but also embraced him as a token of his affection for his wise minister, Birbal.

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