Once upon a time, there was a wealthy farmer named Chandraiah. Though he owned many lands, he was not satisfied with what he had. Greedy to accumulate more wealth, he started occupying the lands of poor farmers too. The helpless poor farmers then went to Birbal and explained him their situation, Birbal immediately tried to warn Chandraiah but he paid no need to Birbal’s words.
     After a deep thought Birbal summoned the Milage head and told him something. He then turned to the farmers and said,”Please do not worry. Go back to your homes. The problem be solved soon.”
     The following day, the village head summoned Chandraiah. “Dear Chandraiah! The emperor is highly pleased with you. He ordered me to gift you as much land as you wish to have, provided you fulfill one condition.”
     “What do I have to do sir?” asked an elated Chandraiah. “Simple! You will be given one day, you should be back to the place where you have started walking from. Incase you fail to reach this place on thime, then all your lands will be distributed among the poor farmers.” Said the village head.
     Chandraiah accepted the challenge and started running immediately. He ran without stopping for several miles. But soon, he started feeling tired and weak. He was extremely thirsty but greedy to cover as much distance as possible he continued to run. When his body could take no more, Chandraiah fell down and tainted, thus losing the challenge.
     While his greed pushed him to poverty and agony, the poor farmers could not stop praising Birbal for his intelligence and the village head, for his excellent implementation of Birbal’s plan.

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