One fine morning, Emperor Akbar summoned Birbal to the court and said, “Birbal! Seems our country is full of fools. Everyday I encounter someone or the other who irritate me with their foolishness. I am at loss to understand how to answer them. Please tell me what should be done?”
     Birbal looked at the Emperor and fell silent, Annoyed that Birbal had not replied, the emperor yelled, “Birbal! Have you not heard what I asked? How do I answer to the fools who come to me?”
     Even then, Birbal was silent. Irritated with his behavior, Emperor Akbar shouted aloud “Birbal! Did you hear me?” this time, Birbal opened his mouth and replied, “Yes your Majesty! I heard you.” “Then why don’t you answer me?” yelled back the emperor. Birbal looked at the emperor and said, “My Lord!, But I have been answering you.” “When did you answer Birbal? You have been silent all; his while” said the astonished emperor. Smiling, Birbal said, “My Lord! That is what my answer is”
     Utterly confused by Birbal’s words, Emperor Akbar yelled back and asked,”What? Is remaining silent your answer?” Unaffected by the emperor’s anger, Birbal firmly replied, “Yes My Lord! When fools come to you, why should you answer to their foolish queries and carry on the conversation? Just be silent.
     It would solve the problem,”Thrilled by his clever reply, Emperor Akbar appreciated Birbal and showered him with valuable gifts. 

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