One day, on the way to the court, Birbal saw a man selling Green Berries. He bought some berries from him, ate a few and took the remaining to the Emperor. Emperor Akbar welcomed Birbal and asked him what he had in his hands.
     Showing the berries to the Emperor, Birbal said, “Your Majesty! I bought these delicious fruits on my way to the court. I am sure you too would like them, if you have.” Emperor Akbar then invited the queen also to have a few fruits along with him.
     Soon, the berries were placed in a big plate on a table and the three of them started eating. As they ate, Emperor Akbar planned to play mischief with the queen. Without her knowledge, he started placing the seeds of the berries he ate, along with the seeds eaten by the queen. The emperor intended to make fun of the queen and prove that she was an excessive eater. Birbal observed athe tricks of the Emperor but behaved as if he saw nothing.
     After they finished eating, Emperor Akbar turned to Birbal and said, “ Birbal! Just have a look at the pile of seeds before the queen. She has eaten more fruits than the two of us. “ Having noticed the pile before her, the astonished queen blushed with shame.
     On seeing that there were only few seeds beside the Emperor and many in front of the queen. Birbal replied, “My Lord! Pardon me but I find you to be an excessive eater than the queen because, her Majesty, at least put aside the seeds after eating the fruit but you seem to have eaten away the seeds too. Now it’s up to you to decide who had eaten excessively.”
     On hearing Birbal’s sarcastic and clever remark, the Emperor was left with no option except blushing before the queen.

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