One day, emperor Akbar was strolling on the terrace of his palace in order to get some fresh air. While walking to and fro, he casually looked at the traffic down below. The sight of so many people gave rise to a doubt in his mind.
     “Why, in this world, some people are born wealthy and powerful while some are born in poverty? Why had God shown such a difference while creating humans?” he thought. The next day, as soon as he reached the court, he put forward his doubt and asked his courtiers to explain.
     When none of them could answer satisfactorily, as a last resort, Emperor Akbar turned to Birbal and said, “Birbal! Can you explain the reason for this difference in God’s creation?”
     Birbal rose from his seat and said, “My Lord! The kind of life an individual is blessed with is wholly dependent on his virtues and sins. God has no partiality to anyone.
     Instead, if a person is devoted and leads his life in a virtuous manner, he is blessed with a good life, in his next birth and vice-versa. This is the reason why we find such differences in ‘God’s creation.”
     Extremely convinced and enlightened by Birbal’s answer, Emperor Akbar appreciated him and also remembered his words forever.

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