One day, in the court, Emperor Akbar looked at his courtiers and asked, ”Do you agree that I am powerful and that there is nothing that’s impossible for me to achieve in this whole world?”
     Bowing low to him, all the courtiers unanimously replied, “Yes your majesty! You are the mighty lord of this Earth. There is nothing that cannot be done by you.” Though Emperor Akbar was very satisfied and elated with their praises, he realized that Birbal did not agree with the others.
     Looking at Birbal, he said, “Birbal! If you do not agree with them, then tell me what your opinion is?” “Your Majesty! No doubt you are an able and powerful person. But no one can achieve anything against the laws of creation and the universe.” Replied Birbal.
     After a deep thought, Emperor said, “Birbal! I am going to do the impossible. I shall pass an order that people of the country should consider 60 days as one month instead of 30, starting from today. Now what have you got to say?”
     Smiling at the Emperor, Birbal replied, “My Lord! No doubt people of this country would act as per your order. But! What about the Moon? Will he shine bright for 30 days and then gradually vanish for another 30 days or will he be the same as before? Only if moon shined for 30 days consistently instead of 15 days in month, the world would be a happier place to live in. But My Lord! Will he go against the laws of creation just because you declared 60 days as a month?”
     On hearing Birbal’s argument, Emperor Akbar realized that it was impossible to alter the laws of creation, however mighty one might be. He thanked Birbal for enlightening him and also for breaking his false pride.

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