On an unfortunate day, Emperor Akbar had a serious argument with Birbal. In a fit of anger, the emperor ordered Birbal to go away from his sight and also asked him to leave the city immediately. Birbal communicated the emperor’s orders to his family and left the country. He soon reached a neighboring country and began to stay with the King of that country.
     After a few days, Emperor Akbar cooled down and he repented his decision. Though he sent his men to look for Birbal, none could trace where he was. Then, the emperor thought of a plan and immediately implemented the same.
     He sent a message to all the kings of the neighboring countries, which said, “Our Holy River Yamuna had given birth to a beautiful daughter. Hence, all of you are requested to send your rivers and their children to our kingdom for the naming ceremony celebrations.”
     The kings were shocked to see the weird invitation from the Emperor. None of them knew how and what reply should be sent to emperor Akbar. But the king who gave shelter to Birbal took advice from him and replied immediately to the Emperor.
     The reply said, “Your Majesty! We would be too happy to send our rivers and their children to your kingdom. But as per the tradition, we request you to send some of your soldiers to our country in order to personally take the rivers with them.”
     On seeing the reply, emperor Akbar immediately knew that Birbal was in that Kingdom. His joy knew no bounds for having traced Birbal. He personally went along with a few courtiers and welcomed back Birbal to his Kingdom.

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