One fine evening, Emperor Akbar and Birbal went out for a walk in the city. As, usual, Birbal was entertaining the emperor with his humour. Suddenly, the emperor turned to Birbal and said, “Birbal! If anyone is attacked all of a sudden, then what should one do? Tell me, what would be helpful them in such a situation?”
     “My Lord! The only thing that could help anyone in such a situation is an idea or a plan.“ replied Birbal after thinking for a while. “Not even a weapon would be useful then?” asked the Emperor still struggling to believe Birbal’s logic. “Possessing even the deadliest weapon is of no use when one does not have an idea, My Lord!” replied Birbal firmly.
     Both of them walked a little further still discussing the same topic. Meanwhile, they encountered a Bull, which was creating havoc in the surroundings by hurting everyone who came its way. Not even Birbal and the emperor could stop it.
     Thought Emperor Akbar had a sword with him, it was of no use in his trials to stop the Bull. Realizing that it was out of their reach to stop the animal, both of them decided to move away from it. Immediately, they climbed up a portico of a big house that was located on a high ground and stood there for safety.
     Moments later, the Bull crossed them and moved away without hurting them, setting down after a while, Birbal said ”My Lord! We have just been talking about how an idea can save a life and now we have experienced it too. Only if the idea of climbing up this portico had not struck us, we would have been dead by now. “Emperor Akbar agreed with Birbal and appreciated him for his intelligence and foresight.

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