One day in court, Emperor Akbar addressed his courtiers and said, “Whoever answers five questions of mine will be handsomely rewarded.” But none of the courtiers came forward to accept the challenge.
     “My Lord! I am ready to take on the challenge.” said Birbal after a few moments of silence. Emperor Akbar nodded in approval and started questioning him.
Akbar: Who is the most fortunate man?
Birbal: One who has no desires.
Akbar: Which is the sweetest thing in this world?
Birbal: Nothing is sweeter than one’s life.
Akbar: Where do we go after death?
Birbal: To our relatives, who once lived on this earth               with us.
Akbar: Is there anything The sun and the Moon have not seen?
Birbal: Yes! The darkness.
Akbar: What is the difference between you and me?
Birbal: We both have come from the same place but Your Majesty is empowered with wealth and strength but I came in to this world empty handed. That is the only difference.
Thrilled by Birbal’s replies, Emperor Akbar appreciated him and rewarded him, as promised.               

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